Show guests your most proactive side.

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Hotel guests want easy, fast and personalised service. With In-Stay we help you serve today's evermore connected guests with beautiful & seamless ways to communicate with the hotel during the stay. We don't want to replace a personal hotel experience with something else; we want to enhance it and make it even more personal.

Find & solve problems faster than ever before.

We let your guests give real-time feedback on specific hotel services so that you can find fast solutions and help the hotel guests while they are still staying at the hotel. Not only does this lead to a happier and returning guest, but by solving problems real-time the compensation costs for dissatisfied customers can be reduced drastically.

Real-time chat is communication made right.

As technology develops, so do hotel guests' expectations. Communication today is far from what is was only ten years ago. Real-time chat opens up a new kind of dialogue with the modern hotel guest, where the traveller seamlessly can communicate with the hotel right from her phone.

With the real-time chat we help you streamline how new guest requests are handled, while the amount of phone-calls & reception conversations overall decrease. The result is a faster and more efficient service.

Minimise negative reviews on OTAs.

By using a tool to handle negative comments while your guests are still in the hotel, you will reduce the probability that the comments reach OTAs and damage your hotel’s reputation and future bookings.

Expanding your revenue opportunities.

With a simple and always accessible platform to handle guest feedback and chat, it's a natural step to also provide concierge services such as room-service in the same place.

In-Stay is the perfect tool to generate more on-site revenue.