Crafting Post-Stay Surveys with Precision

Crafting Post-Stay Surveys with Precision


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In the vibrant and culturally rich hospitality landscape of the Nordics, feedback is not just a formality; it's a cornerstone of continuous improvement. As market leader in the Nordics, we’re well aware of the unique nuances of Nordic feedback culture and how it shapes the way we tailor post-stay surveys for hotels.


Nordic societies are known for their straightforwardness and emphasis on sincerity. This cultural trait extends to feedback, where honesty is valued, and opinions are given with a genuine desire to contribute to improvement. Understanding this, Loopon has intricately woven these cultural nuances into the fabric of our post-stay surveys.


One of the key elements of our approach is the acknowledgment of the Nordic penchant for direct communication. Our surveys are designed to encourage guests to express their thoughts openly and constructively. By providing a platform that respects and values honesty, Loopon ensures that hotels receive feedback that is not only genuine but also actionable.


Moreover, we recognize the importance of efficiency in the Nordic mindset. Time is a precious commodity, and lengthy surveys are often viewed as a burden. Loopon's surveys are concise yet comprehensive, striking the right balance between gathering valuable insights and respecting the time of the guest. This approach not only enhances response rates but also demonstrates our commitment to a seamless and efficient guest experience.

In the Nordic region, collaboration and community are highly prized. Loopon leverages this cultural aspect by incorporating features that allow guests to share their experiences with friends and family seamlessly. This not only enhances the sense of community but also serves as a powerful marketing tool for hotels.


Loopon's surveys are not one-size-fits-all; they are tailored to each hotel's unique identity and guest demographic. This personalized touch ensures that the feedback received is relevant and applicable, contributing to a more tailored and impactful improvement strategy. To be able to benchmark towards your compset, some questions are of course standardized - but still with the flexibility for you as a hotelier to use your own tone-of-voice. 


In conclusion, Loopon's approach to post-stay surveys in the Nordic context is a testament to our commitment to understanding and embracing cultural intricacies. By aligning our strategies with the values of sincerity, efficiency, collaboration, and personalization, we empower hotels to glean insights that go beyond mere feedback – they pave the way for genuine, meaningful improvements.


Best regards,
Mathias Sabel
Head of Sales & Marketing

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