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Pre-arrival emails & Upselling

Pre-arrival emails & Upselling offers.

Maximise pre-arrival revenue and let the guest design the hotel experience with tailored pre-stay emails & campaigns.


Chat, Concierge & Feedback

Chat, Concierge & Real-time Feedback.

Chat, receive feedback & react to guest requests in real-time while the guest is still in the hotel.


Guest surveys & Reputation

Guest surveys & Reputation management.

Let your guests share their experience through our beautiful one-page surveys with TripAdvisor integration.


Marketing & Newsletters

Marketing, Newsletters & Targeted email campaigns.

Boost direct bookings and number of recurring guests with targeted emails and newsletters.


Let your guests tailor the hotel experience to their specific needs while increasing the hotel's total revenue per guest.

Screenshot of pre-stay module and e-mail.

Today’s hotel guests are seeking unique experiences. By giving the guests the possibility to design their experience during the planning phase before visiting the hotel, you will be able to create more enriching and fulfilling experiences.

The benefits of using Loopon's Pre-Stay emails include:

All emails easily configurable & beautifully tailored to your hotel’s design.

Pre-Stay helps you make the booking process as simple & frictionless as possible, by separating upselling & extra services to the pre-arrival email when the guest has already booked the stay.

Offer guests room upgrades to optimise room type occupancy.

Endless number of smart & creative upselling opportunities: Let guests bring their pet, offer romantic packages, sell massage treatments, tourist packages or complete restaurant menus.

Customise pre-arrival emails based on guest information from previous visits or target group preferences to obtain optimal conversion rates.


Be truly proactive to your guests' requests by providing them with the tools to easily communicate with your staff during their stay.

Screenshot of in-stay feedback through SMS.

Millennials and today’s hotel guests are used to having all they need a click away. With in-stay communication you provide them with just that. Being attentive & listening to your hotel guests during their stay might just be the very difference between a positive OTA review and a negative one.

The benefits of using Loopon for In-Stay communication include:

Let guests chat with the staff using their own preferred channel (SMS, email, web or Facebook Messenger). Be where the guest is.

Solve problems efficiently & in short time before the guest leaves the hotel.

Automatic alerts for escalating issues. Make sure no guests are left waiting too long for a response.

Offer guests room-upgrades or concierge services on-site.

Respond to guest requests & delegate tasks to relevant departments.


Let your guests tell you about their experience through our beautiful surveys and start building an army of returning guests that recommend you to their friends & colleagues.

Screenshot of pre-stay module and e-mail.

Post-stay surveys is common practise for most hotels today. That’s why we work so hard on making our surveys stand out as short one-page questionnaires, beautifully designed and easy to answer. We always optimise for a great guest experience.

The benefits of using Loopon's Post-Stay surveys include:

Send beautiful and simple surveys that are specifically tailored to your graphical profile.

Let your guests directly share their feedback on TripAdvisor for up to 400% more public reviews.

Our surveys help you solve problems instantly, but also gathers data over time to highlight recurring challenges at the hotel.

Delight your guests with personal replies and follow-ups to boost loyalty.

Easily share the feedback with the relevant departments.


We want to make it easy for your guests to book with you again. With Next-Stay the hotel increases direct bookings and number of recurring guests with eye-catching emails and newsletters.

Screenshot of pre-stay module and e-mail.

By inviting your guests for another visit with personalised offers & newsletters you will increase the chances for returning guests and direct bookings. It has never been easier to create beautiful content and send it to customised target groups.

The benefits of using Loopon's Next-Stay emails include:

Customise and publish your own beautiful content based on ready-made templates or build emails from scratch.

Send campaigns either by email or SMS.

Organise your guests in categories and send them relevant offers based on earlier In-Stay and Post-Stay feedback.

Increase direct bookings and reduce distribution channel spending.

Inform guests about exciting services or events at your hotel.