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The all-in-one guest experience platform for hotels  to grow revenue, improve customer satisfaction and drive loyalty at all stages of the guest journey.

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The most memorable Guest Experiences are achieved with Loopon

Why Loopon?

All feedback, from all sources in a single unified inbox.

  • Online Reviews: All relevant OTA reviews in the same inbox.
  • E-Mail Surveys: Real feedback from real guests, with relevant meta data such as room number, rate code, ...
  • QR Code Surveys: Convenient just-in-time measurements for conferences, F&B, ...
Increased guest satisfaction leads to higher revenue.

  • More Reviews: Increase number of online reviews by up to 400%.
  • Demonstrated Results: Increasing review scores by 0.5 points on a 10-point scale, enables a price increase by 20%.
  • Loved by Employees: Boosts employee motivation through recognition of their work.
Less time in front of the screen means more time to help your guests.

  • AI Replies: Automated personal replies to guests.
  • Scheduled reports: Insights delivered when you need them.
  • Native mobile app: Stay updated away from the computer.
“For those of us who work with guest satisfaction on a daily basis, it is important to have a system that provides a sufficient support for decisions, and which also measures the effect of the measures that are taken.

In this way, Loopon feels both effective and relevant, and has become one of our most important management tools in relation to guest experiences and service development.

In addition, we feel that Loopon provides world-class service. Help and good advice are never far away when we need it.”
Elisabet Søyland
Director of Culture 
Nordic Choice Hotels 
“A sound technical platform and flexible service are top reasons for Hurtigruten’s long-standing partnership with Loopon.

The Loopon platform provides frontline staff real-time guest feedback and response tools wherever we sail.

On shore, Loopon supports Hurtigruten growth by helping us convert data into Insights for performance measurement and better decision-making.”
Jim Beakey
Global Head of Insight 
“Loopon is a very good tool that we work with every day to follow up and improve customer satisfaction.

We always receive quick and efficient help when we have questions and that we receive the training required to use all the benefits of the system.”
Vanja Vilbern
Chief Commercial Officer 
Stockholm Meeting Selection 

Pre-arrival emails & Upselling

Commission-free upselling and pre-arrival surveys help you and your guests design the perfect stay. One-click upgrades maximise your pre-arrival revenue, while your guests get even more excited about their upcoming stay.
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Real-time feedback and messaging

In-Stay is a real-time feedback and messaging tool to recover service and improve satisfaction while your guest is still on site. Guests can login to WiFi or scan a QR code to leave feedback, or communicate with you directly via SMS and WhatsApp about their experiences
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Guest surveys & Reputation management

Beautiful single-page surveys right after the stay let your guests know you truly care. Full suite of analytics & reputation management tools help you make better strategic choices, improve guest satisfaction scores and stay front of mind on review sites.
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