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The all-in-one engagement platform for hotels to grow revenue, improve customer satisfaction and drive loyalty at all stages of the guest journey.

Upselling & Personalisation| Real-time Messaging
In-stay & Post-stay Feedback | Guest Surveys
Reputation Management
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How it works

Quick and easy self-service setup, with assistance from the Loopon-team if necessary.
Integration with PMS triggers automatic up-sell emails a few days before guest arrives.
Send guests welcome message via SMS or WhatsApp and ask for feedback after they login to Wi-Fi.
Guest Satisfaction Survey sent automatically after checkout, reputation data aggregated from all over the internet.
Autopilot marketing to guests who opt-in for newsletters in post-stay survey.

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Pre-arrival emails & Upselling

Commission-free upselling and pre-arrival surveys help you and your guests design the perfect stay. One-click upgrades maximise your pre-arrival revenue, while your guests get even more excited about their upcoming stay.
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Real-time feedback and messaging

In-Stay is a real-time feedback and messaging tool to recover service and improve satisfaction while your guest is still on site. Guests can login to WiFi or scan a QR code to leave feedback, or communicate with you directly via SMS and WhatsApp about their experiences
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Guest surveys & Reputation management

Beautiful single-page surveys right after the stay let your guests know you truly care. Full suite of analytics & reputation management tools help you make better strategic choices, improve guest satisfaction scores and stay front of mind on review sites.
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Marketing, Newsletters & Targeted email campaigns

Eye-catching emails and targeted email campaigns that stand out from the rest. Personalised communication will keep the guests coming back through tailored offers, driving repeat bookings and guest loyalty. Easily customisable with ready-made templates and flexible editing options.
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“A fantastic system - get immediate communication with your most valuable asset - your guests. Turn bad into good. True evaluation of your product.”

“Loopon is probably one of the reasons our hotel is so profitable.”
Lars Olemyr Earlier GRM @ Clarion Hotel Post /
Currently GM @ Nösund Spa & Havshotel
the market leaders use Loopon

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