Start off the relationship with your guest on a positive foot. 

Try pre-stay

To empower your guests by letting them design their experience from the very beginning has never been as crucial as now. Loopon's automated pre-stay emails give each guest the freedom to tailor their stay while you optimise your pre-arrival revenue.

Your hotel. Your design.

Our emails breath your brand. The design of our pre-stay emails is exquisitely tailored to your graphical profile, while changing the appearance for a specific target group or campaign is just a click away.

We have been optimising and tweaking emails for eight years. We know what works when it comes to designing emails with high participant rates.

Match the right content with the right recipient at the right time.

Your pre-stay offers and activities may vary depending on the season of the year or the type of guest. Loopon makes it easy for you to customise the offers you want to highlight in your pre-stay emails. Setup your own filters with a click and make the right recipient receive the right message.

We take care of delivering your beautiful emails in the optimal time-frame for a high conversion rate.

We help you maximise your pre-arrival revenue.

While guests experience a new dimension of freedom in designing their hotel stay, the hotel see the pre-arrival revenue soar to new levels.

Let us give a couple of examples:

  • Offering a room-upgrade not only means increased income, but a vacant standard room that can be sold again.
  • Give your guests a restaurant offer they can't refuse or make that deal with the restaurant next door to offer their tables to your guests.
  • Or why not let that guest who loved the room-service the last visit get a special room-service offer this time around.

The opportunities for new revenue streams with pre-arrival emails are only limited by your fantasy.

Using the entire guest journey to learn.

Attain incredibly personalised pre-stay emails by letting us suggest what to offer your guests based on information we have from their target segment or preferences obtained during their previous visits.

By working with the entire guest journey, Loopon knows what message works best in each phase of the guest loop.