Enhancing Guest Satisfaction: Grand Joanne's Success Story with Loopon

Enhancing Guest Satisfaction: Grand Joanne's Success Story with Loopon



In the ever-evolving world of hospitality, guest satisfaction stands as the cornerstone of success for hotels. Amidst the bustling lanes of Copenhagen, Grand Joanne has emerged as a trailblazing lifestyle hotel, capturing hearts with its 162 stylish rooms and a multitude of top-notch facilities. At the heart of their seamless guest experience lies a strategic partnership with Loopon, a service that has not only streamlined their guest satisfaction process but has also elevated their commitment to personalization. 



A Seamless Overview of Guest Satisfaction

"Loopon has given us an easy and user-friendly overview of our guest satisfaction that is key to our success," remarks Pardis Kaskin, General Manager at Grand Joanne. In an era where understanding guest feedback is paramount, Loopon has proven to be an invaluable tool. This innovative service provides Grand Joanne with a comprehensive view of guest reviews across various platforms, enabling the hotel to tailor their services and offerings to meet guest preferences effectively.


Maja Dizdar - A Partner Par Excellence

In any successful partnership, a dedicated and flexible collaborator makes all the difference. In the case of Grand Joanne, Loopon's Key Account Manager Maja Dizdar has played a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless integration of Loopon's services. "Maja Dizdar has been the most helpful and flexible partner to work with," expresses Kaskin. Maja's dedication and expertise have transcended mere business transactions, evolving into a genuine partnership that goes beyond numbers and metrics.


Unified Reviews Management

Handling guest reviews can be a daunting task, especially for a hotel with a bustling guest flow like Grand Joanne. With over 250 reviews pouring in each month from a plethora of platforms, ensuring a personalized response to each guest seemed like a monumental challenge. However, Loopon's ingenious solution has shattered this barrier. "Even though we receive reviews from 10 different platforms, we can collect all our reviews in 1 login," Kaskin highlights. This consolidation has streamlined the review management process, ensuring that no review goes unnoticed.


AI-Powered Personalization

The advent of technology has revolutionized the way hotels engage with guests. Grand Joanne's commitment to personalized guest interactions found a new ally in Loopon's AI service. "With the new AI service that Loopon offers, we have reached that goal," states Kaskin with pride. This AI-powered service assists the hotel in crafting thoughtful and customized responses to each review, maintaining the human touch that sets Grand Joanne apart.


Striking the Balance

Embracing AI doesn't mean sacrificing authenticity. Kaskin acknowledges that while the AI service might make occasional mistakes, it offers the flexibility to fine-tune responses. "Yes, it is AI so it might make a few mistakes here and there, but it allows you to adjust replies," Kaskin candidly admits. This blend of automation and human oversight ensures that every response resonates with sincerity and reflects the hotel's commitment to excellence.



In the bustling heart of Copenhagen, Grand Joanne stands as a testament to the power of partnership and innovation. Through their collaboration with Loopon, the hotel has not only achieved the remarkable feat of addressing every guest review but has also paved the way for enhanced guest satisfaction. As Pardis Kaskin aptly puts it, "Loopon has helped us reach our goal of returning to all our guests in a timely manner." The future holds the promise of continued cooperation between these two trailblazers, as they continue to redefine guest experiences in the world of hospitality.


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