Loopon announces protel Integration

Loopon announces protel Integration


Just ahead of ITB Berlin 2019, we were excited to officially announce our integration with protel hotelsoftware - a cutting-edge hotel tech provider. Check out our video to celebrate the integration that will benefit hotels all around the world.


There was no better way to kick-off an exciting week in Berlin than to announce our integration with Germany-based Protel. The integration means that 14 000 hotels can now enjoy digital and seamless guest communication. As the video demonstrates, a hotel reception can be stressful and easily get very busy. With the integration, hoteliers can easily approve requests, respond to messages and analyse feedback digitally.


About the Integration

The integration means that all hotels currently using protel's PMS have the ability to get started with using Loopon straight away. Simply get started via protel's Marketplace or on Loopon's website. The integration connects Protel and Loopon and allows your hotel to automatically send pre-stay upselling emails, communicate directly with your guests, collect advanced feedback and send autopilot marketing newsletters after the stay. One integration for seamless, digital communication.


The video depicts how stressful life can be for hoteliers when the worktasks start piling up and the queue of guests continues to grow. The integration makes life easier. Hoteliers can now sit back, relax and enjoy a more efficient solution. With the Loopon native iOS app, hoteliers can even approve Upselling requests, reply to messages and check their NPS on the go, anywhere at anytime. The red shoes? They are protel's signature, always worn at events all around the world.


About protel

protel has been a leading PMS-provider for the last 25 years and have their headquarter in Dortmund (Germany) along with branch offices in Berlin (Germany), Vienna (Austria) and Atlanta (USA). With over 14 000 hotels using protel hotelsoftware across 90 countries, they are a proven company with high certifications of their excellence.


About Loopon

Loopon is on a mission to provide hotels with the best holistic approach to digital guest communication in one beautiful, easy-to-use system. Automatic Upselling emails, real-time Messaging solutions, post-stay Feedback and autopilot Marketing emails, all integrated in a single platform. Loopon is ideal for hotels looking to enhance the guest experience and to improve their reputation, revenue and results.


Does your hotel use Protel? Let's get started!


Loopon and protel at ITB Berlin 2019. From left to right: Ingo Dignas, protel Co-Founder & CEO, Simon Finne, Loopon Co-Founder & CEO, Linda Vallner, protel VP Business Development, Manfred Osthues, protel Co-Founder & CEO. Featuring the famous red shoes.

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