How Gothia Towers uses Loopon - An interview with Marcus Eriksson Nordlund

How Gothia Towers uses Loopon - An interview with Marcus Eriksson Nordlund

Today we are glad to bring you an interview with one of our users: the Guest Relation Manager of Gothia Towers, Marcus Eriksson Nordlund. The interview gives an insight on how Gothia Towers has been using Loopon over the last years and tips on how to make the most out of it. The hotel, which is located in Gothenburg, Sweden, is the largest hotel in Northern Europe. It has 5 restaurants, a spa, a theatre and more than 40 000 square meters of space for conferences, congresses and events.

Gothia Towers has been using Loopon for over 3 years and Marcus has by now become a true Loopon expert. Nevertheless, Marcus decided to join us in one of our recent workshops, in which we help customers become better Loopon users. We took the chance to stay a bit longer with Marcus and asked him the following questions:

How do you try to integrate the guests’ feedback in the hotel's daily and monthly decisions?

We use the Daily Feedback Report in Loopon which we send out to all Department Managers so that they get to see how they have been performing day by day. We also use Loopon when making a monthly executive summary, as it helps us to get an overview of the month and how we are doing relative to previous ones. Based on this, I suggest changes for each department. For example: Is there any room that needs renovation? Does the breakfast need a little update? So Loopon helps us get this general perspective on a daily and monthly basis.  

How do you normally make sure that all employees get informed about the feedback you get through Loopon?

It is the Department Managers that share the feedback in the reports that they get on a daily basis with the rest of their team.  All in all we try to spread out the guests’ feedback as much as possible, and as far as it is reasonable, but this is not always easy with 700 employees! 

What changes can you point out that you have seen in Gothia Towers since you started using Loopon?

The biggest change must be the fact that we have succeeded in getting dissatisfied guests to come back to us, which we had not managed to do as easily before. Now, we have detractors that come back to us for a second visit! Last February we had a case where a very dissatisfied guest said that he would never set a foot on our hotel again. We then had an email conversation via Loopon and I offered him to return to the hotel while letting us assume the cost. The guest ended up writing an entire page about how good we are at customer service and at managing complaints, and even ended up leaving a very positive review on TripAdvisor. 

What useful tips for best use would you give to those that have recently started using Loopon?

To be active and not let an answer lay untouched for two or three days, but to answer as soon as possible. This is extra important for guests that have left negative reviews. Show interest when you answer and avoid standard answers by adapting them to what the guest has written. Remember as well, to thank for tips and apologise for things that have gone wrong. 

How do you think that calling the guests helps?

I try to call those that seem most angry as it provides very good results. Many get surprised that we call them and I usually let them know that I am listening and noting down what they think and feel. A phone conversation turns out to be calmer, and gives us a chance to obtain higher quality explanations which makes it easier when following up with the guest's comments.

What is your favourite thing about Loopon?

I really like the Net Promoter System and how it influences us and helps us move forward. A detractor will negatively recommend us and a promoter will talk positively about us. Taking control over this helps us move forward in our efforts towards improved guest satisfaction. I really think that more service organisations should work with the Net Promoter System. 

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