Welcome to Loopon's Blog

Welcome to Loopon's Blog

Welcome to the Loopon Blog! In this introductory blog post we want you to get to know us, what we believe in and how & why we help hotels on their journey to high quality service and happier guests.

Loopon started off in Sweden and it has grown to become a multidisciplinary and international team of energised and motivated individuals. While we all have different areas of expertise, and our daily tasks surely are different, we are all driven by the same core values.

Be Heroic

We want to be heroes. At Loopon we are encouraged to come to work with crazy and innovative ideas, because those are the ones that make us feel like we are moving forward and we feel good by doing something significant for others.

Wowsify Customers

While this has become an internal motto at Loopon, it is central in our daily work. We want our customers to feel “wow” in each and every contact with us, our products and services. 


When creating our products, we strive for utmost simplicity and elegance. Each and every bit of Loopon is meant to enhance our customers’ life, and make their everyday tasks easier.

Be honest

We are honest, not only with each other, but also towards our customers. Honesty builds trust, and we think this is basic for all flourishing products and relationships.

We believe that these core values help all of us walk in the same direction, and they guide us towards our vision. The vision at Loopon is to help hotels exceed the expectations of every guest.

What we do

Loopon provides hotels with the tools that will make it easier for them to hear back from guests and collect useful data that can be used actively to: respond to guests by letting them know you care about them, and improve your hotel based on what guests think. We believe that closing the loop with guests is fundamental in order to achieve higher guest satisfaction and gain repeat visits. 


With this first blog post, we hope you have come to understand why we do what we do, and how we work in order to help more hotels every single day. In upcoming blogs we will bring you interesting stories about our present customers and how they use Loopon, case studies where Loopon comes handy, reports and infographics based on the data we have gathered over the years, and last but not least manuals and tips on how you can make the most out of Loopon. Some blog posts we have cooking in the oven are interviews to the Guest Relations Manager of Gothia Towers in Gothenburg, and the hotel manager of Hotel Cort in Mallorca.

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